Monday again??? Where does the time go??? We just returned from a rad Palm Springs wedding and I am now prepping for my boudoir road trip for the Fox Sessions that begins in TWO DAYS, so I’m going to have keep this short. The pictures are worth it though, I promise. Today’s wedding is one we shot at the Parker in Palm Springs, and I must say…amazing vendors like The Love Riot, Jesi Haack, and 1011 Makeup and Dart DJs? With a HOT couple? Can’t go wrong with this one. Riley and Jenn, thank you for having us there at your wedding…was an honor to tell your story and spend the day with you. Looking forward to catching up with you newlyweds soon and in the meantime, enjoy! until then lovers! xoxo

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  1. Awe man. These are so good! Everything is just beautiful!!

    // Komal
  2. Oh my, this is stunning!!
    And such a beautiful bride!

    // Hanneke
  3. you guys nailed it :) THANK YOU!!!